Three universities, a centre of teacher training, two regional authorities and three schools (two of them as associated partners), from Latvia, Estonia and Spain created a strategic partnership for empowering school teachers in the development of students’ intra-personal competencies and virtuous character. The topic, relevant in all the three countries, and specially in Latvia in the context of the recent governmental guidelines for virtue education at school and of the educational reforms introducing competence-based (including transversal competences) in school education, is addressed through an innovative multifaceted perspective, integrating the fields of expertise of each partner in closely related fields, such as philosophy for children, education for coexistence and citizenship, transversal competence development and virtues ethics.
Some 35 experts (educational researchers, program developers, school teachers and headmasters, policy makers, educational supervisors) from these 7 institutions will join their efforts during two years, in order to achieve two highly innovative and relevant Intellectual outputs foreseen: A report on best practices, expectations and needs in the field of character education in the 3 countries; and an innovative program for supporting teachers who will act as “catalyst” for introducing these innovative practices at their schools. The preliminary research will be implemented by academic partners in close collaboration with regional authorities. The practical insights of experts practitioners from schools will enhance the quality of the support program itself.
The quality of the project will be boosted also by the transnational dimension of the project: in addition to the regular online communication among partners, three transnational meetings and two short-term joint staff training events will allow close scientific collaboration and deep and fluid exchange of experiences.
The project is expected to have a large impact on more than 500 direct participants and participating organisations, as well as outside the organisations at different levels. Three multiplier events are foreseen at the end of the project (one in each country) for disseminating the main outcomes, which will be also made freely available in the website. The support program will be available in English, Spanish, Latvian and Estonian for facilitating local implementation and dissemination.

The institutional commitment of partners will ensure a sustainable impact of the project outcomes.
The project is presented in the frame of Erasmus plus Key Action 2, “Strategic partnerships for School Education”. Duration: 24 months (01-11-2017 till 31-10-2019). Applicant: Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City (LV). Partners: University of Latvia (LV), Universidad de Oviedo (SP), University of Tartu (EE), Teacher and Resources Centre of Oviedo (SP), Advisory Board of Education and Culture of Asturias (SP), MTÜ Tartu Luterlik Peetri Kool (EE). Associated partners: Catholic Gymnasium of Riga (LV), Secondary school Alfonso II (SP).